What We Do

Monthly events

Once a month, the North Side Youth Collision coordinates a Sunday evening event for all participating high school (9th – 12th grade) youth groups. The location of the monthly event changes from month to month, with most participating youth groups sponsoring at least one event a each year. Each event has a different theme – be sure to attend them all to get the full experience!

In addition, the North Side Youth Collision coordinates four middle school (6th – 8th grade) events each year, often taking place on Friday nights.

Students interested in attending one of the monthly events should ask their youth leader for more information.

Discipleship program

The North Side Youth Collision is committed to developing student leaders through hands-on training in ministry. High school students interested in going deeper in their faith are invited to join one of our discipleship groups, where they will be mentored by an enthusiastic, caring leader and given space to practice ministry for themselves.

Discipleship groups meet for a kickoff retreat at Covenant Harbor, and then on a weekly basis during either the fall term (August to December) or spring term (January – May).

Students interested in the discipleship program should ask their youth leader for more information on how to apply.