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There are three great ways to support the ministry of North Side Youth Collision.

1. Volunteer

Volunteering is a great way to support the North Side Youth Collision. We can always use an extra hand putting our monthly events together, or transporting youth from their neighborhood churches to the event location. We also could not be successful in our discipleship program without the help of our dedicated volunteer leaders. If you are interested in supporting the North Side Youth Collision in this way, contact Josh (North Side Youth Collision Coordinator).

2. Donate

We are grateful that you are considering giving financially to the North Side Youth Collision. Precisely because we are a cooperative endeavor of multiple Covenant churches, we are in a strategic position to impact the lives of many youth through every dollar we receive. There are two ways to give:


To give, go to the “Central Conference – General Fund” page and – this next step is important – write “Peter Sjobolm – North Side Youth Collision” in the box for special notes.

By check

To pay by check, make a check payable to “Central Conference ECC” with “Peter Sjobolm – NSYC” in the memo. Then send it in to the following address:

The Central Conference Offices
4055 W. Peterson Ave.
Chicago, IL, 60646
3. Advocate

If your church is a part of the North Side Youth Collision, we would love it if you could advocate for the ministry of the North Side Youth Collision. Ways to advocate include: sharing stories of your son or daughter’s experience with the North Side Youth Collision, asking your church council to contribute more through the annual budget, or inviting Josh (NSYC Coordinator) to speak at your church.

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