The North Side Youth Collision is a program of the Central Conference of the Evangelical Covenant Church.


The North Side Youth Collision is a collaboration of Evangelical Covenant youth groups on the north side of Chicago experiencing Jesus Christ through worship, fellowship, and service with one another.


We seek to supplement North Side Covenant Churches by joining together youth groups for BIG monthly events and SMALL weekly discipleship groups.

The BIG monthly events seeks to create a space of fun and meaningful fellowship that brings together youth of various contexts throughout the north side of Chicago.

The SMALL weekly discipleship groups brings together high school youth from various churches together to form small groups. Through challenge and encouragement these groups focus on articulating their Christian Faith as well as forming into the likeness of Jesus Christ.


N.S.Y.C. was born out of this concept that the Christian youth on the north side of Chicago deserves more out of their youth programs. With the majority of Covenant churches unable to install a full time youth pastor in the city, kids are simply not being reached out and pastored to in a time where kids need this most!

Youth in Chicago within the 21st century have a lot going on in their lives. The competition of academics, the pressure of busy schedules, the pluralism of faith represented in their diverse communities, or the loneliness of being the only Christian in their friend group.

N.S.Y.C. hopes to join alongside youth workers, leaders, and volunteers to collaborate together to provide a dynamic youth program for kids to feel passionate about.  We hope to fill in the cracks and speak into the lives of these youth living in a specific context of Chicago.